Groundwater Withdrawal Vehicle Permit Request

A government service that allows customers to request a permit for a vehicle to withdraw the groundwater resulting from excavation.

Required Documents


  • Vehicle permit request letter

  • Copy of the vehicle license from both sides, issued by the Emirate of Ajman

  • Site plan

  • Building permit or no-objection certificate

  • Commercial license of the contracting company issued by the Emirate of Ajman

  • Commercial license of the groundwater withdrawal company issued by the Emirate of Ajman


  • 1 Submitting the request through the website
  • 2 Processing the request
  • 3 Paying the fees & receiving the permit

Service fees

  • 1000-gallon vehicle: AED 3000 + AED 1500 insurance fees per month

  • 5000-gallon vehicle: AED 5000 + AED 3000 insurance fees per month

  • 10,000-gallon vehicle: AED 10,000 + AED 4000 insurance fees per month

Service Duration

  • 3 Days