Students apply to study abroad or apply for an internal grant provided by the Ministry of Education / Higher Education to complete his / her Bachelor. click here to apply 


  • Applicant to submit request through the electronic system along with completion of all required data (general information, contact details, details of previous qualifications and details on requested scholarship)

  • Scholarship Department employee receives the application and reviews the same to verify all information and documents

  • Scholarship Department employees verifies conditions and standards of the scholarship application

  • Scholarship Department employee prepares a list of all nominated scholarship applications

  • Director of Scholarship Department presents all nominated scholarship applications to the Scholarship Committee for their decision (approval/rejection)

  • Scholarship Department employee contacts students nominated for scholarships to schedule personal interviews.

  • Ministerial decisions relating to students is submitted for approval to the Minister of Education.

  • Students are contacted to complete scholarship execution procedures and to coordinate with attaches, cultural offices and UAE embassies abroad to inform them of the student’s scholarship.


  • Copy of valid passport and the page of the united number.

  • Copy of the family book.

  • Copy of UAE identity card.

  • Applicant’s photo.

  • Medical fitness certificate.

  • Good conduct certificate.

  • Copy of the previous qualification along with the transcript.

  • Copy of the language test with required scores.

  • Copy of unconditional academic acceptance stating the total cost of the study program.

  • A certificate from the Bank in UAE stating the account number and the IBAN.

  • A certificate of completion/ release / deferment from the National Service for male students.

  • A certificate of community participation (if available) (volunteering, initiatives ……etc.).

  • For high school graduates:Copy of 10, 11, 12 grades for the high school graduates,Student’s parent consent.

  • Students studying at their own expense who wish to join the scholarships (in addition to general documents)

  • A proof of enrollment at the university along with a transcript includes the courses he completed.

  • For employees (in addition to general documents)

  • A study leave (sabbatical) from his employer including:

  • - The country of study

  • - Degree, specialization

  • - Type and duration of the study program, (as per admission), whether it is paid or unpaid and way of study (full time or part time).


  • Free Service