​New Vendor Registration Service

Department of Finance - Ajman is the sole entity in charge of vendors’ registrations with the Government of Ajman. Any supplier, contractor or consultant company wishes to conduct business from the local government entities of the Emirate of Ajman has to submit an application to the purchasing & contracting section at the Department of Finance - Ajman.

The process takes three (3) working days from the date of successful application submission and providing the right required documents through the website (https://ierp.ajman.ae) and paying the registration fees. The Department of Finance -Ajman will verify the application and classify suppliers, contractors and consultants into three different categories A,B and C based on certain criteria’s such us technical & financial ability, company history of projects, ISO Certificate, company stuff as well as other criteria’s.
  • The activities and specializations that Ajman government entities deal with are as follows:
  • Supplier activities: which includes various supplies like computer items and accessories, office furniture, electrical and electronic items, all types of automobiles, A/C units, medical and lab equipment, stationery items etc.
  • Contractor specializations: which includes all types of buildings contracting, main roads & streets contracting, rain water drainage contracting.
  • Consultant specializations: which includes all types of buildings consultants, main roads & streets consultants, rain water drainage consultants.

To apply, please click here