Trade Name Reservation

This Service enables the trade name reservation according to the applicable conditions, as an initial step to the application for commercial, industrial or professional license

Required Documents


  • A copy of the valid ID card (stakeholders)

  • A copy of a valid passport (stakeholders)

  • A copy of the original license (in case of branches)

  • Government Entities

  • formal letter


  • 1 View the requirements for economic names available on the website or service centers.
  • 2 Submit official documents to the applicant
  • 3 Receive a text message stating that the name and transaction number has been successfully booked
  • 4 Choose at least three economic names
  • 5 Payment of fees.
  • 6 Receive the trade name reservation certificate
  • 7 Register and activate your account to use the E- services. Or it can achieved through happiness customer service

Service fees

  • The trade name reservation is AED 200

  • Initial Approval AED 100

  • Administrative Services Application Fee AED 50

Service Duration

  • 24 Minutes