Cancel Trade License

This service allows the customer to apply for cancellation of the license provided that the required conditions for cancellation are met. The licensee has the right to apply for this service. This service is provided by the Commercial Registration Sector.

Required Documents


  • Requesting licenses

  • A valid passport copy (for all parties to the relationship in the license)

  • Copy of the license

  • Business

  • A valid ID copy (for all parties to the relationship in the license)


  • 1 In case of e-service: Enter the required data and follow the steps (provided that the investor's account is activated)
  • 2 On visiting service centers, submit documents to the customer service center
  • 3 Other bodies (Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, cancellation of establishment card from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation)
  • 4 NOC
  • 5 Notary review
  • 6 Publish an advertisement in the official gazette in the event of a sole proprietorship, service agent, and branch companies for a period of 15 days As for the original companies, 45 days
  • 7 Receive the cancellation certificate
  • 8 Payment of fees

Service fees

  • Fees vary according to legal procedures and forms

Service Duration

  • 24 Days