Issue A Permission For Tourist/ Entertainment Events

A service that allows obtaining a permit for a musical event, entertainment, or an event whether it is an exhibition, conference, festival, press gatherings, workshops, artistic, exhibition or theatrical performances to entertain the public or for the purpose of tourism, provided that the event is not for commercial or economic purposes.

ote: The duration of the events ranges from:
- One night event with a maximum of 7 days only .
- One night event with a maximum of 30 days only.

If the security approval is declined, please visit the Ajman Police Department

Required Documents


  • A Valid Passport

  • A copy of the valid residence permit

  • Photograph


  • 1 1- Submit the request through the e-system and upload the required documents
  • 2 2- Document verification and approval
  • 3 3- Security approval from the Ajman Police General Command
  • 4 4- Pay the permit fee
  • 5 5- Issue the event permit

Service fees

  • From 1 person - 8 people: 3000 AED

  • A one-night permit for a maximum of 7 days only without entry fee 1000AED

  • A one-night permit for a maximum of 7 days only with entry fee 2000AED

  • 9 people or more: the member 350 AED

  • The permit Fees is 150 AED, in the event of an entry fee, 10% of the ticket fee is calculated for the department

Service Duration

  • 1 Days