Complaint For Trademark Infringement Application

This service allows trademark owners registered with the Department to file a complaint against infringing companies

Required Documents


  • The formal written complaint should be filed during the work hours by the trademark owner or his authorized representative (in Arabic or translated duly)

  • Attach a valid copy of Trade Mark certificate that has been encroachment upon

  • A copy of the legal Agency certified and duly translated

  • Written pledge to cover the costs of stopping, Inspection and storage or any delay caused by incorrect complaint


  • 1 Submit documents for Custom services staff
  • 2 Collecting fees
  • 3 Taking appropriate action and transfer the complaint to custom Inspection section

Service fees

  • Two thousand dirhams is collected to cover the costs of suspension

  • Five thousand dirhams is collected as a deposit and refunded if the complaint is valid

  • five hundred is collected as additional duties in case of submitting the complaint urgently.

Service Duration

  • 5 Days