Request for Approval to Issue a Bidayat License

It is a three-year fee-free home economic license issued by ajman business women's council in coordination and cooperation between the Council and the Department of Economic Development.

Required Documents


  • Uae ID valid

  • The passport copy is in effect.

  • Home ownership

  • Colorful selfie

  • A copy of the entry summary


  • 1 Submitting documents to the Board
  • 2 Filling out the administrative approval form
  • 3 Payment of fees
  • 4 Receiving a letter of approval
  • 5 Go to a service center to apply for a brand name for a start-up license
  • 6 Go to the Department of Public Health to search the house
  • 7 Receipt of license
  • 8 Receiving the Gold Membership Card from the Board

Service fees

  • 1000 AED