Issue\ Renew School Buses Supervisors Permit Request

Permits issued to the person responsible for following up on students and maintaining their safety on the school bus during the trip to and from school. The permit is issued after passing the training course to ensure the supervisors’ compliance with the laws and regulations followed in the Authority, in accordance with the Regulations of School Transport

Required Documents


  • The original business card

  • A copy of the residence

  • Personal photo


  • 1 Login via Digital Services Portal
  • 2 Fill out Service Application, Set the Appropriate Date for the Training, Attach the Documents, then Submit the Application
  • 3 Training and Permit Fees to be paid through the Digital Services Portal
  • 4 Head to the headquarters of the Ajman Driving Academy for training and receiving the certificate after passing the training course
  • 5 Digital Permit to be issued to the Customer's Account

Service fees

  • Permit Fee: AED 100 For a Year Training Fee: AED 300 For a Full Year

Service Duration

  • 3 Days