Issue\ Renew School Buses Permit Request

These permits are given to buses that operate school transport activities in the Emirate of Ajman and follows the required specifications, whether they are owned by the school or rented. It is prohibited to drive any school bus without having a permit for the driver or the vehicle issued from the transport authority.

Required Documents


  • A copy of the school trade license (if the bus is leased or owned by the school)

  • A copy of the vehicle property (if the bus is leased or owned by the school)

  • Commercial license for the rental company (if the bus is leased)

  • Operating license (if the bus is leased)

  • Operational card (if the bus is leased)


  • 1 Log on to the Digital Services Portal
  • 2 Fill in the school bus permit form, attach the documents and submit the request
  • 3 Get approval
  • 4 Payment and printing the permit is made through the website

Service fees

  • 1000 Dhs annual registration fee for each vehicle of the leased bus if it is outside Ajman emirate

  • Buses fees

  • 1000 Dhs registration fee for one time of each vehicle of the leased buses if it is from Ajman emirate

Service Duration

  • 3 Hours