Registration By Way Of Exit.

It is the process of documenting the transaction of transferring the ownership of a real estate or a real estate unit between hires based on a letter from the court by way of exit and registering the real estate or the real estate unit in the name of one of the hires.

Required Documents


  • The original title deed of a property or ownership certificate of a real estate unit.

  • Proof of the customer's identity (identity or passport).

  • A letter from the Sharia court on graduation.

  • No objection certificate from the developer of the real estate unit.


  • 1 Submitting the application request and required documents through the E-services portal
  • 2 Reviewing and approving the application by the concerned sections in AjmanRe Department
  • 3 Fees Payment
  • 4 Receiving the title deed/certificate during the official working hours from AjmanRe Department headquarters

Service fees

  • AED 1,000 as registration of a Real Estate/ Real Estate unit by way of a exit.

  • AED 350 as fees for the issuance of a title deed and site map or ownership certificate of a real estate unit.

Service Duration

  • 9 Minutes